1947 Tech 🇮🇳 #52

1. ‘Make in India’ has to be more than a slogan

Despite improvements in India’s ranking in ease of doing business. India still has a long way to go if it were to reach its highest potential.

2. VC funding beats IPOs: Indian startups raised more money than IPOs in 2018

India, which is home to third-highest number of startups in the world after the US and Israel, saw a total of $6.55 billion (around Rs 44,940 crores) venture capital (VC) funding coming in during the year through 697 deals, almost doubled from $3.77 billion (around Rs 24,347) in the previous year.

3. Bureaucracy continues to stymie India’s entrepreneurs by setting up a veritable licence raj

Modi government has done a great job of inspiring the youth of India by giving India slogans like “Startup India” and “Make in India.”

4. Connected India: Internet access in India has crossed a 50-crore milestone

Internet access in India has crossed 560 million mark. The Internet connection has grown by 65% from March 2016 to reach 560 million mark in 2018.

5. Big year: Deals cross $100 billion mark in record-breaking 2018

Private Equity (PE) and (M&A) transactions in India crossed the $100-billion mark in 2018, breaking all previous records.

6. New Unicorns in India: A look at India’s newly minted unicorns

India’s startup ecosystem has seen eight startups joining the unicorn club in the past year.

A week in review

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